Found one more of my Akira cosplay! This one is by Lauren from the website ComicWow, thank you so much for the picture!

"Break Out! Time to SMASH!"

Last weekend I debuted my Akira Akatsuki (Disk Wars: Avengers) cosplay at Baltimore Comic Con! It was really fun to be there, and although it was sorta quiet on Friday, it was still a lot of fun!
First picture of my Drake Mallard (aka Darkwing Duck) cosplay from Baltimore Comic Con!
incidentially it was on the same weekend as the 23rd anniversary of the first episode!

Anime USA homestuck cosplayers!

Would anyone want to do a God Tiers group? possibly dancestors? I’m planning on cosplaying God Tier Kankri on saturday, if anyone would like to join that would be great!

first picture from Baltimore Comic Con! I was cosplaying as Akira Akatsuki from Disk Wars: Avengers
Alright, here’s my hopefully complete lineup for Baltimore Comic Con
Friday- Akira from Disk Wars: Avengers (an anime that came out last March, basically think if the Avengers were a Pokemon-esque toy marketed to young children, it’s actually pretty good if you can get over the anime-ness) most likely bringing my Iron Man figure from the series, but if anyone is going to be cosplaying Iron Man on friday it would be awesome to meet up with you!
Saturday- Fefeta Lalonde from Protostuck (a Homestuck fanventure based off the prototyped sprites of the Alpha kids, ARquius, Tavris, ect.)
Sunday- a humanized version of Drake Mallard (aka Darkwing Duck!), hopefully I’ll have my gas gun as well!
It would really be great to meet up with other cosplayers, congoers, or fans of any of these series! Anyone planning on attending?