I may not be a very good Homestuck, but still have too many feelings about Cronus Ampora. so here have a humanstuck
An AU where Thor believes that Loki is dead and goes to Earth, ending up adopting a black cat he names after his brother, but who is actually Loki stuck in a cat form
yea thats probably an au that exists somewhere or something
For a group on dA, my pokemon trainer oc Moirae and her friend Toketsu along with their pokemon partners
the event was a Bulbasaur swap for a group
anyways Moirae is fun to draw! especially all her literature reference sweaters, this one being no exception
((Toketsu and his Buizel Clyde are by this cool person!))
Okay, I haven’t done homestuck stuff on here in a really long time, but figured I’d post something for 4/13!
This is from a Romeo and Juliet JohnDave parody I was in a while back, for a friend’s school project. It was a lot of fun, and the first recorded instance of me cosplaying Bro(volio) and Jake English (who was Tybalt in this)
Lord Capulet’s cousin is in fact Jaspers Lalonde, as voiced by Ren Seragaki.
Warning: this contains my really shitty Shakespeare recitations that would make Cousin (from Namco High)’s look like friggin Tom Hiddleston
Okay so I used to do a lot of stuff with hetalia ocs, and these three were city-based such ones. Based off (left to right) Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna, Bulgaria, Sofia, Basil, and Rosa ended up being in a lot of my stuff years ago, but I haven’t drawn them in a long while. However, seeing a production of Twelfth Night set in the late-30’s Balkans got me wanting to draw these three again! expect actual twelfth night fanart soon
actually this is pretty much what sofias coat looks like from the front
salsa dont give a frick