I’m probably going to regret this


But if you reblog this before Halloween I’ll draw you in Chibi form. Or you might get a cute ghost or pumpkin. Idk. But you must have a picture of yourself on your blog that I can find. Or you are indeed getting a cute ghostie or pumpkin. 👌

Sayaka Maizono cosplay from New York Comic Con
slowly but eventually improving this cosplay!
found a picture of my Dirk cosplay on flickr!

Thank you to the very cute sayaka for inviting me to the little dangan ronpa photoshoot!! I was the touko in the group. If you see yourself, come tell me!
Peko: k-amukura
mukuro: kuzurryuu
The ahog of hinata: transmanhinata
izuru: chiiesatonaka
Monokuma w blond pigtails: shinyeeveepkm
Togami: stinakc

hi, I was the Sayaka cosplayer, I’m so glad you were able to attend the gathering! It was really great to meet you!
New York Comic Con “lineup”!  (I was only there for one day ^^;)
Heading back now on the train, it was a really great adventure, and the dangan ronpa shoot especially was a lot of fun! It was wonderful to meet everyone, and hope you had a fun convention as well!